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    来源: 山东省威海市2017年初中学业英语考试及答案.doc

    动词填空 用括号里所给动词的适当形式填空。

            My best friend has two first names. One is Heather, and the others Na-ri. I 1 _____.(never see) her use the name Na-ri. But today, for the first time, she is writing a letter with this name.

        She2______(bear) in South Korea and adopted by American parents when she was two years old one day, she told me about her childhood When she went out to dinner, some South Korean strangers tried to talk to her in Korean She didn’t understand what they 3.____ (say), so she just looked at them. She said that she still remembered how they looked at her. Their eyes seemed to say, “Poor girl You are an abandoned child.” From that day, Heather tried to keep saying to herself that she was American.

       Two days ago, she received a letter from South Korea. The letter 4.___(send) to Na-ri. She

    was so surprised that she couldn’t open the letter. So I did it for her. The letter was written in

    Korean. I said, “Heather, you should ask someone 5____(read) this for you. It was written in

    Korean.” But she was silent.

      Yesterday, on the way home,I saw her 6.____ (cry) on a bench near my house. “What is it,

    honey?” I said. She told me that her birth mother had blood cancer, and the only cure for her

    illness might be Heather’s blood. I asked how she knew this. Heather said she had learned Korean secretly. Crying hard, Heather only repeated, “What should I do? What should I do?” I really had no answer.

      This monung, Heather called me. “7.____you____(be) with me when I write a letter to

    South Korea?” I gladly went over to her house  Heather didn’t seem to have slept at all.  I hugged her and told her everything would be okay. Now I 8.___(sit) in front of Heather watching her write a letter. She hasn’t told me what she is writing, but I can guess.  Heather is writing, “Na-ri is coming, mother.”

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017届牛津英语中考模拟试卷(二)及答案.doc


    根据下列句子所给的中文, 写出空缺处单词的正确形式。

    1. Would you please _______________ (dress) the baby?

    2. So far they _______________ (send) a lot of E-mails with the computer.

    3. She was not strong enough _______________ (move) the desk.

    4. The robber _______________ (catch) by the brave policeman yesterday morning.

    5. The women _______________ (swim) in the river over there.

    6. The foreigner has known a lot of Chinese since he _______ (come) to China three years ago.

    7. They _______________ (not go) to the market until they finish their work.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 九年级英语Unit 7测试题及答案.doc


    1. They preferred       stayhome rather than      playbasketball.

    2. I found it easy      searchthe Internet.

    3. The film      beginwhen I got to the cinema.

    4. I turned to them and looked at both of them      close.

    5. So far, many man-made satellites      sendup into space.

    6. Its only ten      minutewalk from the station to the hotel.

    7. I gave her a call      sendmy best regards.

    8. You will see your      improvesoon.

    9. Xinjiang is the      westregion in our country.

    10. Mum said a new road      buildin our hometown the next year.

    11. The government must try hard to save the      pollutewater.

    12. If the Great Lakes dried up, the whole world      feelit.

    13. She visited the second      lowplace in China.

    14. My mother bought me a book last Sunday but I      not readit yet.

    15. The boy overcame many      difficultduring the long trip.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 德州市二0一七年初中学业水平考试英语试题及答案.doc


        One afternoon, I went into an art museum while waiting for my husband. I hoped to enjoy the works of art quietly.

        A young couple walked in front of me and talked (1) a________ the paintings between themselves all the time. The lady did almost all the talking, but the man kept listening to her. I thought the man was very patient (2)b_______ nobody would like to be bothered (打扰) while enjoying the paintings.

        I met them several (3) t________ as I moved through the different rooms of the art museum. Each time I heard her talking, I moved (4) a________ quickly.

    I was (5) p______ for some gifts at the museum shop when the couple walked slowly to the exit (出口). Before they left, the man (6) t______ out a cane (拐杖). Then he tapped (轻敲) his way to the coatroom to (7)g_____ the jacket for his wife.

        “He is a brave man,” the worker of the shop said. “He decided not to change his life after his eyes got hurt. Though he is (8) b_______ now, he never gives up. He and his wife come here whenever there is a new art show.”

        “But what can he get out of the art? He can’t see!” I asked.

        “You are wrong. He (9) s______ a lot, more than you and I do.” The worker said, “His wife describes (10)e_______ painting so he can see it in his mind.”

        I fell silent. Then I realized that I learnt something about patience, courage and love that day.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2016-2017学年第二学期八年级英语阶段测试试题及答案 .doc

    动词填空  用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。

    1. He was too busy __________(organize) the event to call me back.

    2. Mr. Smiths plane ____________ (not arrive). Lets wait for him.

    3. If two more days __________(give) to us , I m sure I can finish the task better.

    4. No doctors gave up __________ (operate) on the old man.

    5. Mr. Wu, as well as his wife __________ (prepare) for their sons birthday party from 2 to 4

     yesterday  afternoon.

    6. They are talking about how __________ (translate) the sentence into English.

    7. We now know that Oxfam _________(set) up in the UK in 1942.

    8. We were happy because our dream __________ (come) true at last.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017吉林省长春市九年级中考英语模拟试卷及答案.doc


    1It's   possible that robot teachers will be popular in schools some day.(true

    2This is one of the most famous   namesIt is often seen in newspapers.(hero

    3My English teacher is   strict teacher I have ever metbut I like her a lot

    4Since you   graduate),you shouldn't depend on your parents any more

    5.﹣﹣﹣When will we go to watch the film Captain AmericaCivil War《美国队长3》?

        ﹣﹣﹣Not until the work  finish tomorrow

    6. It rained so ____________ (heavy) last night that many streets were in water.

    7. The medals in the box are those ______________ (win).

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017年初三英语试卷及答案.doc

    动词填空  用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。

    1. I didnt see you when I came last time.

      I was in Shanghai. I         (attend) an important meeting then.

    2. Youd better ________ (think) it over, and plan it carefully.

    3. How was your flight to Hong Kong?

    Couldnt be worse. We         (keep) at the airport for ten hours.

    4. He was so forgetful that he was reminded ______(take) everything he needed when going out.

    5. Hospital uniforms can be white because the colour _______ (relax) patients.

    6. I _______ (finish) reading the book borrowed from you last month. And I will return it to you tomorrow.

    7. What will you do if you _______ (laugh) at in class?

    8. He was afraid that the thieves         (break) into the house at night.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017年江苏无锡七年级英语五校第二次阶段性测试题及答案.doc


    1.Stop        (talk), children. Here comes Mr Lee.

    2.Children's Day is coming! My mother says she          (take) me to watch a new movie.

    3.Cai Lun thought of a new way          (make ) paper.

    4.Look at the clouds in the sky. I think it __________ (rain),isnt it?

    5.Never           ( turn) around when the teacher is talking to you.

    6.I often_________(hear)from his grandparents when he was ten years old.

    7.--Where is your cousin, Merry? -- He            (check) my computer over there.

    8.Excuse me, you can't smoke here.

      Sorry, I         (not know)this is a non-smoking area(无烟区).

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017年初一(下)英语月考试题及答案.doc


    1. The little girl was crying in the street because she ________ (lose) her way.

    2. She didn't work hard, so she failed________ (pass)the exam.

    3.You cant do well in the exam if you ________(not be) careful with it.

    4. Every morning, I can hear the birds ________(sing) out of my windows.

    5.---Where is Stephen?---Oh, he together with his friends________(plan) a day out this weekend.

    6. My dad ________ (pay) me 30 yuan, because I helped him do the work in the garden.

    7. Would you please________(not chat) with your classmates any more?

    8.---________Mary ________(buy) any music videos for her friend Kitty the day after tomorrow?

       ---Im afraid she isnt, because Kitty doesnt like music at all.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2016~2017学年度第二学期八年级英语阶段性测试试卷及答案.doc


    1. Look! What a clean room!  Who         (clean) it?

    2. My parents have warned me many times __________ (not swim) in the river alone.

    3. They _______ (carry) on with their work tonight, arent they?

    4.This is the best way I can think of __________  (achieve) my dream .

    5. He will pass the driving test if he ______________(not be) so careless.

    6. He was made ______ (do) homework every day and had no time to play.

    7. We hope you ________ (enter) Nanjing Senior High School one day in the future.

    8. When will he go to watch the basketball match in the sports centre?

    --Not until his work ______ (finish)

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017年初三英语教学质量测试题5及答案.doc


    1. —When will you celebrate the success of the match? —On the_________(twenty) of this month.

    2. After watching this programme,  you will realize the_________(important) of learning English.

    3. Mike,  tell them not to climb the rocks,  or they may hurt_________(they).

    4. You will be_________(welcome) if you speak loudly in the reading room.

    5. —What does Frank often do at weekends?

    —He often_________(go) to the cinema with his parents.

    6. Andy _________(argue) with his brother when I went to see him yesterday.

    7. In summer,  Miss Xia would rather_________(wear) trousers than a skirt.

    8. He likes singing. He________often________(hear) to sing in the next room.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017年初三英语教学质量测试题5及答案.doc

    Our teacher said light_________faster than sound.

    A. traveled   B. has traveled     C. is traveling  D. travels

    题型:选择题  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017年初三英语教学质量检测题6及答案.doc

    词汇运用  用括号内所给的词的适当形式填空(每空不限一词)

    1. My daughter practises _________(play) the piano at the weekend.

    2. —How many times have you been to Hong Kong? —_________(two) .

    3. Leo is active in sports. He is the         (strong) of all in his class.

    4. I don't think the diamond belongs to_________(she).

    5. The_________(education) system in America is quite different from that in China.

    6. Last Saturday we went to the airport to meet those_________(win).

    7. Which city has _________(little) polluted air,  Taizhou or Zhenjiang?

    8. Can you tell me the time of her_________(arrive) ?

    9. Mr Lu donated a lot of money to Project Hope_________(generous).

    10. Timmy and I are good friends and we keep our secrets to_________(we).

    11. Linda often advises Alan _________(watch) CCTV news every day.

    12. —How was your picnic? —Great! We_________(have) a good time by the lake.

    13. There_________(be) a new bridge over the Changjiang River in several years.

    14. Tom _________(argue) with his father when I came to his house.

    15. The old in the home for the elderly_________(take) to the hospital for medical treatmet once a year.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017年初三英语教学质量检测题3及答案.DOC



    1. —Look at the twins.

    —Oh,  they_________(make) a model plane happily.

    2. —What time does Jimmy go to bed every evening? —He usually_________(go) to bed at 9: 30.

    3. —_________you_________(visit) Singapore and Thailand next month?

    —Yes,  I will.

    4. —Can these magazines_________(take) out of the library?

    —Sorry,  you can only read them here.

    5. —Who_________(come) to your school yesterday afternoon?

    —Twenty exchange students and their teachers from England.

    6. —There was a heavy rain yesterday,  wasn't there?

    —Yes. When I came back home,  it_________(rain) hard.

    7. —What does the latest report say?

    —It says the number of bloggers(博客) in China_________(reach) 18 million so far.

    8. —Have you read the news about the bank theft in Handan,  Hebei Province?

    —Yes,  one of the criminals,  Ren Xiaofeng_________(arrest) in Lianyungang on April 19th.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017年初三英语教学质量检测1及答案.doc


    1. Jim,          (not swim) here. It’s dangerous.

    2. Lily isn’t used to          (chat) on the Internet.

    3.          English          (speak) in many European countries?

    4. – The train station was here in the past, but now we see a beautiful open park instead.

       – Yes, things          (change) a lot over the years!

    5. My granny          (fall) asleep while she was watching TV. So I put a blanket on her quietly.

    6. –You were not at home when I called you yesterday.

       – No, we weren’t. We          (drive) home.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2016-----2017学年七年级上学期英语期末考试题及答案.doc


      Li Hong   1    be a boy. He   2    (be) twelve years old. He   3    (get) up at six every morning. He and his friend, Wang Tao,  4   (be) students in No 1 Middle School. He   5   (like) playing basketball after school. But his friend, Wang Tao,     6    ( not like )to play it. They often   7     (go) to a movie on weekends. But they  8     (not like) documentaries. They think science  9   (be) boring, they think English is very interesting. They  10      (study) very well at school.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017届九年级下学期英语期中考试题及答案.doc


    1. She _________ (write) twenty pop songs which are liked by fans by the end of last year.

    2. ________(quarrel) with others isn’t good manners for everyone.

    3.          the price           (include) coffee and hamburgers?

    I’m afraid not.

    4The teacher told us that three quarters of our earth                (cover) by water.

    5. Everyone knows that the disabled mustn’t __________ (laugh) at

    6. We should try our best to prevent the air pollution                (live) a happy life.

    7. With all lights on, the hall ________ (become) as bright as day when we arrived.

    8. How soon do you think we                 (get) to the hotel?

    9. Mr. Green told me that his family                (go) for a holiday the next week.

    10. –Did you see him come in just now?

       --No, I                 (type) a letter all the time.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017年中考英语模拟试题及答案.doc



    One day Mr and Mrs Wilson and their children (1)______(begin) their holiday, and they (2)______(have) to be at the airport at eleven forty in the morning. “It (3)______(take) us half an hour to get there in the car,” Mr Wilson said, “so we all have to be ready by eleven o’clock. Nobody (4)______(be)  late. ”

    At ten minutes to eleven they were still all running around doing things, except Mrs Wilson. She (5)______(sit) quietly on a chair in the garden (6)______(enjoy) the sun. Her husband and children (7)______(surprise) that she (8)______(not, be) in a hurry.

    When they sat in the car, Mrs Wilson said to them, “Well, I (9)______(know) that this was go­ing to happen, so before I went to bed last night, I moved all the clocks ahead twenty minutes.

    So now we can go to the airport quietly without (10)______(worry) about being late.”

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2016--2017学年七年级下学期英语期中考试题及答案.doc


    1.How many ________ (shelf) are there in your school library.

    2.Do you think the garden is a good place ________ (grow) flowers?

    3.He sits between you and ________ (she).

    4.Amy is the ________  (nine) in the English exam.

    5.Thank you for ________ (tell) me your name.

    6.There are two ________ (rob) sitting there.

    7.He tries ________ (open) the door, but fails.

    8.We want to invite our classmates ________ (have) a picnic tomorrow.

    9.It is a big school and it has at ________  (little) fifty classes.

    10.   We _________ (not go) to the Palace Museum tomorrow.

    题型:完成句子  知识点:语法填空
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    来源: 2017年中考英语模拟试题(9)及答案.doc



    Scientists have always wanted to know more about the other world in space., They have looked at it through telescopes(望远镜) and in this way they (1)______(find) out a lot. They know many facts about the moon. For example, they know how big it is and how far away it is. But they want to know more about it. The only way (2) ______(find) out more is to send men to me moon. Then they (3) ______(know) all about it.

    The moon is about 184,090 kilometres away from the earth. A plane (4) ______(not, fly) to the moon because there is no air above 240 kilometres in space. But there is something that can fly even when there is no air. This is a rocket(火箭).

    I’m sure that you will ask, “How (5) ______ a rocket (5) ______(fly)?” If you want to know, please get a balloon(气球) and blow it up, until it is quite big. (6) ______(not, tir) up the balloon, but let it (7) ______(go). The balloon will fly into the air very quickly. The air inside the balloon tries to get out. It (8) ______(rush) out through the neck of the balloon and this pushes the balloon in­to the air.

    This is how a rocket varies, It (9) ______(make) of metal. The metal must not be heavy but it must be very strong, there is gas inside the rocket which is heated. When it rushes out of the end of the rocket, the rocket is pushed up into the air.

    Rockets can fly out into space. Rockets with men inside them have already reached the moon. Several rockets without men inside them have been sent to the other world much farmer away. One day rockets may be able to (10) ______(go) anywhere in space.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:语法填空