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    来源: 七年级英语Unit 3 Is this your pencil? 单元过关测试卷及答案.doc


    A_____1 What's this in English?

    BIt's a baseball.



    AIs it yours?

    B_____3 It's Tim's.

    AAnd what's that? _____4

    BYes, it's an eraser.


    BYes, it's mine.

    AThank you.

    BYou're welcome.

    AIs it yours?

    BNo, it isn't.

    CExcuse me.

    DIs it an eraser?

    EHow do you spell it?

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    来源: 滨州市2015-2016学年第二学期期中考试八年级英语试题及答案.doc


    A. And now it's too short.

    B. Because I dont like my haircut(发式).

    C. I dont think you have to wear a hat.

    D. It isnt hot today.

    E. Short hair is popular with young people now.

    A: Hi, Gina! Why do you wear a hat?    1   

    B:   2  

    A: Whats wrong with it?

    B: I cut my hair yesterday.    3    

    A: Really? Let me have a look . Wow! You have a new look now. You look

       smarter than before.    4    

    B: Really? But I think it looks like a boys haircut.

    A: No.   5    Everybody will think your haircut is in style. So take off your hat.

    B: OK. I trust(相信) you, Jim. Thank you. 

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    来源: 贵阳市2 0 1 7年初中毕业生学业考试试题卷及答案.doc



        In the city of Guiyang, China, lives a girl named Li Fang. When she was a teenager, she

    dreamed of going to the United States.    1    “I had a picture of the daddy sitting in the living room, the mommy doing some cooHng and their kids playing games on the floor.”

        Li Fang decided to go to college in California. When she arrived, however, it was not the

    dream world she had imagined. "People were struggling with problems and often seemed

    unhappy and too busy," she said.   2 

        One of her most difficult classes was P.E. When the class played volleyball, the other

    students were good at it.but she wasn’t. One afternoon, the P.E. teacher had Li Fang hit the ball

    to her teammates so that they could knock it over the net. It was not a big deal for most people,

    but it made Li Fang scared.  3   

        A young man on her team seemed to understand what she was going through. He walked up

    to her and whispered(小声说),“  4 

        Li Fang said, e’You will never understand how those words of encouragement made me feel.

    Four words: You can do that.I felt like crying with happiness." Perhaps she thanked the young

    man; she can’t remember it.

        Six years has passed. Li Fang is back in China, working as a salesclerk. “I have never

    forgotten the words.    5 ” She said,“I am sure the young man had no idea how much his

    kindness meant to me. He probably doesn’t even remember it.From this experience,I have

    learned a lesson. Whenever you say something to a person-cruel or kind-you have no idea

    how long the words will stay with them.” She is back in China. But still she hears those four

    simple words: You can do that.

    A. I felt very lonely.

    B. Come on. You can do that.

    C. Don’t worry, I can help you.

    D. When things are not going well, I think of them.

    E. She wa.s afraid of failing and being laughed at by others.

    F. Most ofwhat she knew about ~nerican life was from textbooks.

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    来源: 贵阳市2 0 1 7年初中毕业生学业考试试题卷及答案.doc


    A: Dad, how much do you know about China?

    B:   1   China is a big country that has about 5,000 years of history. It attracts

        many tourists from all over the world every year.2

    A: Is that so?     2

    B: Yes. And many of them are famous, such as Mount Tai, Mount Huang and Mount Emei.

    A:    3 

    B: There are many rivers in China. Among them the Yangtze River is the longest one and the

          second longest one is the Yellow River.     42

    A: Anything else?

    B: Sorry. That’s alll know. If you want to learn more, you can read Guide to China.    5

    A: Thanks. I’ll read it.

    A. Just a little.

    B. What about rivers?

    C. I don’t know it at all.

    D. Are there any beautiful mountains?

    E. They’re the birthplaces of Chinese culture.

    F. It’s a book which introduces China in detail.

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    来源: 临沂经济开发区2015~2016学年度下学期八年级英语期中学业水平质量调研试题及答案.doc

    Many young people in China today are only worried about getting good jobs to make lots of money. In their free time, they think about what to do for fun.   1    Every year thousands of young people in England finish school and then take a year off before they start work or go to universities. Some young people go to other countries and work as volunteers.    2    For example, they work in schools or hospitals, or they do something helpful for the environment.

        Pauline Jones, 18, lives in Cardiff, Wales.    3    However, now, she’s living in Belize (伯利兹,中美洲国家). Pauline says, “I’m working with other people here to save the coral reefs (珊瑚礁) in the sea near Belize. The reefs here are beautiful, but if the sea water is very polluted, the coral dies. I’m helping to do research (研究) on the coral and the fish that live around the reefs. All over the world, coral reefs are dying.    4  

        “I’m staying with a family here and I help do some housework. I don’t get any money, but

    that’s OK. I love my work here, and I’m learning a lot about the people of Belize — and myself!    5    I want to travel around Belize and Central America.”


    A. Next year she wants to go to university to study Chinese.

    B. There are many people who less lucky than us.

    C. We need to do something about the problem before it’s too late.

    D. However, things are different in England.

    E. When I finish my work, I want to stay here for another three months.

    F. Volunteers give their time to help people.


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    来源: 七年级英语Unit 1 My name s Gina 单元过关测试卷及答案.doc



    GinaFinethank you.And you?

    MikeI'm finetoo._______2

    GinaIt's a photomy family photo(全家福)


    GinaNohe isn't.He is my cousin.


    GinaHis name is Frank.



    AWhat's his name?

    BHow do you spell it?

    CWhat's thisGina?

    DHow are you?

    EOhis this boy your brother?

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    来源: 四川省达州市201 7年高中阶段学校招生统一考试英语试题及答案.doc


    A young man went to visit a wise man who lived deep in the mountain. He wanted to ask for wisdom of life.

    “Excuse me!    1   Is it the day we were born or the day we die? Is it the day we fall in love or the day we are successful?” the young man asked.

    “None. The most important day in our lives is today. ” the wise man replied calmly.

    “Why?” the young man was very surprised. “   2  

    “No.  Nothing has happened today.”

    “So is it because of my visit?”

    “Even if nobody visited me today, today is still very important, because today is the only

    wealth we have. No matter how important yesterday is, it has gone by;   3 No matter how

    ordinary and boring today is, it is in our hands.”

    The young man still wanted to ask something, but the wise man stopped him and said, “When we are talking about the importance of today, we have wasted a lot of it. That is to say, part of ‘today’ has passed.”

    Having understood this, the young man nodded and then went down the mountain.

         4  Therefore, what we should do now is to forget yesterday and tomorrow and catch hold of today !

    A. Is it because there is some unusual event taking place today?

    B. Actually today is the only wealth and chance we have.

    C. No matter how wonderful tomorrow may be, it hasn't come.

    D. Could you tell me what is the most important day in our lives?

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    来源: 2017年黑龙江省齐齐哈尔市中考英语试卷及答案.doc

    Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences.

     Wang Hong: Hello! This is Wang Hong. 1.               ?

     Li Mei: Yes, Li Mei speaking.

    Wang Hong: Hi, Li Mei. Our summer holidays are coming. What are you going to do?

    Li Mei: 2.               .

    Wang Hong: Beijing? That is a good place to visit.

    Li Mei: R:ight, would you like to go with me?

    Wang Hong:Yes, I'd love to,but I'm afraid I can't. My grandfather is ill. I have to look after him.

    Li Mei: 3.               .I hope he will get better soon.

    Wang Hong: I hope so. By the way, 4.               ?

    Li Mei: With my parents.

    Wang Hong: 5.               . Bye-bye,

    Li Mei: Thank you. Bye.

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    来源: 2017年湖南省益阳市中考英语试卷及答案.doc



    A: Hi! Excuse me.

    B: Yes. What can I do for you?

    A: Id like to go to Yiyang Museum. 1. _________________?

    B: Its on Kangfu Road.

    A: Oh, 2. _________________?

    B: Its about 4 kilometers away. Youd better take the bus there.

    A: 3. _________________?

    B: You can take No.8 bus.

    A: 4. _________________?

    B: It will take you about 15 minutes.

    A: Well, is the museum on the right ?

    B: 5. _______________. Its on the left. Its between the post office and the bank.

    A: Thanks a lot.

    B: Youre welcome.

    题型:补全对话  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 红峰中学2017级英语第五次模拟检测题及答案.doc


    Many people find exams a frightening(令人害怕的) experience. Sitting down for an exam when everybody is so quiet and serious makes people nervous.

        1   . At the beginning of an exam, read all the instructions carefully so that you know exactly what you have to do.    2    and make sure you have enough time to check your answers. If you feel yourself getting nervous at any time, stop what you are doing and take a deep breath.

    However, the most useful things are always done before you get to the exam room.

    3 __. You may do some practice tests and review your lessons in a right way. And then the real thing will seem much easier. You also need to remember that exams are not the most important things in the world even though you fail, you can do better next time.    4   .

    A. Work out how much time you have to answer each question

    B. The more you take, the less worried you will be

    C. But there are several things you can do to relax before you start

    D. Keep up with your schoolwork all year long

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 济南市市中区2016年八年级英语期中测试题及答案.doc



       In some Western countries, many children do chores to get pocket money (零花钱).        1          .           

       School students have to do homework and study for tests.           2                      They often do chores on weekends.

         3                So they don’t get much money. But that’s enough . Many of them only want to buy candy (糖果). And candy is cheap! They often help do the dishes, sweep the floor, or feed the pet cat or dog.      

    When they get older, they want to buy more and more things. They want things that are more expensive than candy.        4            They often help their parents wash the family car, cut the grass, or cook meals.    

      Some jobs are a good way for kids to learn new things.

                  5                   Of course, their parents help them at first.

    A.So they have to work harder!

    B.They usually start to do this when they are ten years old

    C.They don’t have much free time on weekdays.

    D.For example, they can learn how to use a lawnmower (割草机) or how to cook.

    E.Yong Kids don’t need to do chores.

    F.Young kids only do easy chores.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 济南市市中区2016年八年级英语期中测试题及答案.doc


    Gina: I'm going to the school party tomorrow.

    Alan: Me, too. And l will bring some potato chips and chocolate.

    Gina: Oh,    1

    Alan: Really? Why not?

    Gina:   2

    Alan: What will you wear to the party?

     Gina: I'll wear my jeans.

    Alan: That's not a good idea. If you do that, our teachers won't let you in. 3

    Gina: I see. How will we go there?

    Alan: I think we will take a bus.

    Gina: I don't think so.   4 Why not take a taxi?

    Alan: Good idea. _  5

    Gina: Yes. lf we don't have our ID cards, we can't go to the party.

    Alan: I see. See you tomorrow.

    Gina: See you.

    1.   A. It's a good idea.        B. Come to the party with your friends.

          C. You can't do that.     D. What an interesting party!

    2.A. If you do that, the teachers will take them away.

    B. Because it's not funny.

     C. I don't want to go there by bus.

    D.We don't like eating them.

    3.A. Let's have a look.                 B. You can wear your smart trousers.

       C.What about your sunglasses?       D. We'll meet at the school gate.

    4. A.Let's take a bus.                  B. How long will it take us to get there?

        C. If we do that, we will be late.     D. How can we get there on time?

    5. A.What shall we have to bring with us ? B.We have to buy the tickets early.

    C. Shall we get there at 2:00?           D. Should we bring our ID cards?

    题型:补全对话  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 2016—2017学年度下期初二年级三校联考英语试题及答案.doc



    AWhat were you doing yesterday afternoon?

    B 1

    AWhere did you fly the kites?

    B 2  A lot of children were flying kites there.


    BYes, but the wind wasn’t strong. The weather was good for flying a kite.

    A  4

    BLi Lei and Chen Yang. They both bought two new kites and got there earlier than I did.

    A  5 

    BYes, we played there for about three hours.

    A. By the river.

    B. Who did you fly kites with?

    C. Was it windy yesterday?

    D. Were you very busy yesterday?

    E. We were flying kites.

    F. Did you enjoy yourselves?

    题型:补全对话  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 牛津深圳版七年级英语Unit 4 Seasons单元综合检测题及答案.doc



    A. How about visiting some places of interest in your spare time?

    B. What is the purpose of your visit?

    C. The tourist bus can take you anywhere.

    D. What places do you think I should visit?

    E. You’re welcome.

    F. I will practice my spoken English in a new way.

    G. See you later.

    H. Make yourself at home.

    I. I’m going to Beijing tomorrow.

    J. I’m going to have a rest in Nanjing.

    A: Hello, Tim!

    B: Hello, Alice! Come in and have a seat.   1   

    A: Thank you. I’m coming to say goodbye to you.  2   

    B: Really?   3   

    A: I’m going to an English Summer Camp there.

    B: What will you do at camp?

    A:   4   

    B: I am sure you will speak English much better. How long will you stay there?

    A: About ten days.

    B:   5   

    A:Sounds great.  6   

    B: The Summer Palace, the Great Wall and some other interesting places. All of them are well worth visiting.

    A: Wonderful! But I don’t know how I can get to these places.

    B: Don’t worry.   7     By the way, don’t forget to buy a map of Beijing.

    A: Thank you for your advice.

    B:   8     Enjoy yourself. Bye!

    题型:补全对话  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 九年级英语Unit 8 It must belong to Carla.单元练习题及答案.doc


            I met Rose, my new classmate, on the first day of college. To my surprise, she was already 87 years old. "Why are you in college at such a young age?" I joked. "I'm here to meet a rich man, get married, have two children, and then retire and travel." She answered. 1.                

            Like young students, Rose was outgoing, kind and helpful. 2.                 Soon, she became a superstar in our college.

            At the end of the term, Rose was invited to give us a speech. I will never forget what she said to us,"There are only four secrets to staying young and achieving success."

            "First, you have to laugh and find humor(幽默感) every day. Then, you need to have a dream. 3.                 Next, find any chance to change yourself. Finally, people shouldn't have regrets(遗憾) for things they didn't do."

            4.                 Over 2 000 students went to her funeral(葬礼) to express their love to the wonderful woman.

            The great woman didn't live in this world any longer, but she gave us an unforgettable lesson in life. That is—5.                 Don't you think so?

          A. When you lose your dream, you die.

          B. She always had friends around her.

          C. Never too old to learn.

          D. One week after she finished her college, she died in her sleep peacefully.

          E. Both of us laughed, because we knew what she said wasn't true.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 南平育才中学2016-2017学年下学期期末检查七年级英语试卷及答案.doc



    A: Christmas is coming.   1 

    B: My friends asked me to stay with them.

    A:   2 You’ll have a good time there.

    B: Yeah, it’s good. Maybe you can help me. I’d like to bring them something.  3 

    A: Do your friends have any children?

    B: Mmm, two, I think. One is six and the other is four.

    A:   4  Both parents and children can have them together.

    B: Good idea! I’ll go for it after work.

    A: Well, I must go now. 5

    B: Merry Christmas. Thanks.

    A. That’s great!

    B. Merry Christmas!

    C. But I’m not sure what to buy.

    D. Where are you going?

    E. What would you like to do?

    F. How about a box of Christmas sweets?

    G. I’m glad to hear that.

    题型:补全对话  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 2016-2017学年度下学期期末八年级英语考试题及答案.doc



    A: Hello. Zhengzhou Railway Station.      1                               ?

    B: Yes, I’d like to book a ticket to Beijing. 2                               ?

    A: T108. It leaves at 2:37a.m.and arrives at 8:42 a.m. at Beijing West Railway Station.

    B: Sounds great! 3                                         ?

    A: We have tickets at93 for the hard seat and154 for the hard sleeper.Which kind   do you want?

    B:4_______________________________         .

    A: All right. A hard sleeper ticket to Beijing. Please pay for the ticket before 2:20 p. M.

       May I have your name and telephone number, please?

    B: Sure. I’m Li Yuan and my phone number is 131 8408 9663. Thank you.

    A: 5_________________               . Bye!

    题型:补全对话  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 2016-2017学年度下学期期末八年级英语考试题及答案.doc

      If you want to do your homework right after school, you may eat something before getting to work  1 . Always do your homework before you get too tired. Don’t wait until late in the evening, or the homework will seem much harder than it really is.

        2 . Have a short rest every forty minutes. However, don’t divide up your time too short to do anything. You should be able to work at least half an hour at a time without stopping.

        3 , or you will have it on your mind and you won’t enjoy your free time. If you put off until the end of the week or even before a test,  4 . What’s more, you will have a fear of tests and can’t get a good result.

        Do your homework at the same time every day.  5 . Then it will make your free time more enjoyable.


        A.you will have too much to do

        B.Never try to work when you are very hungry

        C.Don’t put off doing your homework until the last minutes

        D.Divide your time into a few parts if you have more than an hour’s work.

        E.This will help you make it a habit

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 河南2016-2017学年度下学期期末七年级考试题及答案.doc

    Many people like to travel by plane, but I don’t like it  1 . You have to get there early and wait for hours for the plane to take off and it is often late.  2 . You can’t choose the food. Planes are fast, but they still take hours to get out of the airport and into the city.

       3 . I think trains are safe. Railway stations are usually in cities. When you are late for a train you can catch another one.you can also walk around in the train and open the windows.  4 . I know it takes a little more time .

       I also like cars. You can start your journey when you want to,  5 . Also you can carry many things with you in a car. But sometimes there are too many cars on the road.


    A. you can’t open the window on the plane.

    B. I like traveling by train.

    C. because an airport is usually far from the city.

    D. and you don’t need to get to a railway station or a bus stop.

    E. You can see many interesting things on your way.







    题型:阅读理解  知识点:补充句子
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    来源: 2016~2017学年度七年级英语下学期期末教学质量检测试题及答案.doc


    A. What time does school start then?

    B. What time do you usually get up?

    C. And when do you have breakfast?

    D. I usually go to the clubs on weekends.

    E. When does she go to school?

    F. Do you go to the school clubs?

    Nick: hello, Bob! ____1_____

    Bob: I get up at 5:20.

    Nick: You get up so early. I get up at 6:00. __2_____

    Bob: At around 6:30. After breakfast I go to school at 6:50.

    Nick: ___3_______  

    Bob: School starts at 8:00.

    Nick: When do you have math?

    Bob: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Nick: ____4_____

    Bob: Yes, I do.

    Nick: When do you usually go to the clubs?

    Bob: ___5____ Nick: Me too.

    题型:补全对话  知识点:补充句子