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    来源: 赤峰市宁城县2016-2017年九年级上学期英语期末试卷及答案.doc


    Some etiquette(礼仪)in modern life

    Do you often use a cellphone? Do you take the subway to school every day? These items make our modern life easier. But do you know how we should behave properly while using them? The following suggestions might be helpful.

    For cellphone users

    Keep your voice down when you make a phone call in public.

    Shouting on the phone may make others feel uncomfortable. And you’d better not use it during an appointment(约会).

    Stop sending messages or playing games with your cellphone at a dinner or a party. It’s a good time to communicate(交流)with your family and friends.

    Don’t make or answer a call while driving. It is not only very dangerous

    for both you and your passengers but also against the law.

    For subway passengers 

    You are supposed to wait in line while buying tickets and getting on the subway.

    You’re not allowed to eat, drink or smoke on the subway train. The smell and noise may trouble others. It’s our duty to keep the train clean and tidy. Besides, smoking is bad for health.

        You can’t take pets on the train. As we all know, animals may spread diseases(传播疾病)and get the train dirty.

    You’d better not lie across the subway seats even if the train isn’t crowded. Offering your seat to someone who needs it is regarded as good manners.


    TitlesSome etiquette in modern life





    Keep your 1.______ down in public

    ● Don’t send messages or play games at a dinner or a party.

    ● Don’t make or answer 2.______ while driving.


    ● Wait in line

    ● Keep the train 4.______

    ● Offer your seat to someone who needs it.

    ● Don’t eat, drink or smoke on the train.

    ●5______ on the train.

    ● Don’t lie across the subway seats.

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    来源: 长春外国语学校2016-2017学年第一学期英语期末考试(初一年级)及答案.doc


      Cindy is a sports star. She eats   1  . She likes healthy food. She eats a lot of vegetables and fruit. For breakfast, she often has milk and bread. She eats bananas,   2  . What about lunch? She has meat and salad.   3   she eat hamburgers and French fries? No, she doesn’t . Many girls like ice-cream and they   4   it after dinner. But Cindy doesn’t eat any ice-cream because she doesn’t want   5   be fat.

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    来源: 宁城县2016—2017学年度上学期七年级英语期末考试题及答案.doc

    读写实践;根据 短文内容,在横线上填入适当的单词

    Rose and Susan are classmates. Today Rose want to speak   1   Susan, but Susan isn’t in. Her mother answers() the     2   , and she asks Susan to call Rose   3    this evening. Rose and Susan want to   4           to the Chinese Corner(汉语角). They like to   5     

    [spiːk] Chinese there. It is helpful to them. 

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    来源: 胜利一中2016-2017学年第一学期期末考试九年级英语试题及答案.doc



    Talking his way to top

    Yue Yunpeng, 31, has become one of China’s favorite crosstalk(相声)superstars. He not only does crosstalk shows, but also appears i______1_____TV shows and movies.

    In the latest movie I Belonged to You(《从你的全世界路过》), he plays a silly b______2______loveable man. It has made him more p_______3_______.

    But he suffered a lot before. An article by Blog Weekly called Yue “the Forrest Gump (阿甘)of the crosstalk world”. His persistence(坚持)led to his s_______4______.

    Like many people, Yue started to learn crosstalk as a survival(生存)skill at 18. He was not well e_______5_______ because he left school at 14. But he worked hard to catch up. He even stood o_______6_______ in the snow in winter to read the newspaper in order to improve his Mandarin(普通话). He imitated (模仿)actors in theaters while doing part-time jobs there.

    Gradually, he created his o_______7_______ style. His jokes are mean, but in a funny way. He often adds his own Henan dialect(方言)to classic crosstalk works. Alongside interesting language, funny facial expressions and body l_______8_______, he makes people l_______9______ easily. His “My God” expression, with open-wide small eyes and hands on his mouth, has turned into a popular emoji(表情).

    Also, he found his voice was best suited to singing and imitating. So he made use of it and created the s_______10______ Five Rings(《五环之歌》).In the song he talks about the Beijing traffic in a down-to-earth way.

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    来源: 衡阳市2016下期七年级期末检测英语试题及答案.doc


           Mr. and Mrs. Black have a happy (1)_________. They have a (2) _______ Jack and a daughter Mary. Mary (3)______ (be) a good girl. Every evening she usually has dinner with his parents. And Jack (4) _________ (like) sports. He often plays football and basketball (5)____ his friends. Sometimes (有时候) brother Jack goes to (6)______ (play) soccer and (7)_______ Mary also wants (8)__________ (go) with him. Mr. and Mrs. Black sometimes take (9)________ (they) daughter to watch his sons soccer game, (10)________. Look, they watch the game under the tree.

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    来源: 衡阳市2016下期七年级期末检测英语试题及答案.doc


      (1)_________ (今天) is Sunday, but Grace is busy(忙碌的). She has to (2)_____ (帮助) her mom cook breakfast. And then she does her (3) _________ (家庭作业). After that, Grace goes to shop to (4) b____ some food and drinks. In the afternoon, Grace goes to (5) v_____ her grandparents with her parents. Her grandparents are very happy to see them. Grace and her cousin play games the whole(整个的) afternoon. Grace has a good time in her grandparents’ home.

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    来源: 2017年广东省深圳市初中毕业生学业考试英语全真模拟试卷(三)及答案.doc







    1It has good1_________environment

    2Widen your eyesyou can learn2_________

    knowledge of science and technology

    3act as mediators(媒介,中间人) between

    people of different cultures

    1without any living


    2too young to live


    3the cost of living is


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    来源: 吉林省长春外国语学校初三上学期月考英语试题及答案.doc



    We’re going to have a 1. _______ in Changchun Park on 2. _______ 20th. We can enjoy delicious food and play games there. Let’s 3. _______at the school gate at 9:00 am. We’ll go there by 4. _______ together.

    If you want to know more, please call Cindy 5. _______ 15876538577.

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    来源: 2016(下)八年级英语期末测试题及答案 .doc


    In Britain, people usually begin their talks with ___1____. For example, they will sayIt’s a fine day, isn’t it?”“Do you ____2___ it will rain?

    Many people believe that they are __3___ to tell what the weather will be like. But they never __4___ with each other. One man may say, How cloudy (阴的) it is now! It’s going to rain. __5____ man will say, No, it’s going to be fine later.

    People always hope the weather they want. For __6____, when a farmer needs water, he looks for something to tell him it’s going to _7__. When a man wants to travel, he is sure the weather will be 8____ quickly.

    Now almost everyone __9___ to the weather report. It doesn’t always tell us the weather we want, it only tells us what the weather will be __10____. But sometimes it makes mistakes(错误).

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:短文填空
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    来源: 2016(下)八年级英语期末测试题及答案 .doc



    What is your choice when you feel like eating something between classes: fruit or candy?

    Experts say snacking (吃零食) is not all b  1  . It depends on what you eat and why and when you eat it.

    First, it is important to remember what snacks are 2  (health). Forget sodas and fast food because they are harmful to your health.

    Second, you’d better know why you’re snacking before you are actually doing it.  3 (记得) that it’s always better to eat for hunger. Never binge (大吃大喝) just because you feel bored or everyone else is eating. If you do so, you might put on weight (重量).

    Finally, when to eat snacks? It’s not wise to eat snacks while you are watching TV or doing homework. Then you don’t really focus on your food. You’ll probably eat much more than you need. And some doctors suggest eating snacks two hours /bIf5(r)/ meals, or you will lose your appetite (食欲) at dinner time. Bedtime is not a good t  5   for snacking.

    If you watch what you eat , you will live a better life.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:短文填空
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    来源: 衡阳市2016年下期期末检测九年级英语试题及答案.doc


      The People’s Republic of China (1)_______ (take) part in the Olympics for the (2)f___ time in 1952. Xu Haifeng (3) _______ (win) the first gold medal for China in the(4) _____ (23) Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. China won 28 gold (5)______(medal) in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and 32 in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Beijing (6) ______(host) the 29th Olympic Games in 2008 and China won 51 gold medals. (7)____(us) hope that China (8)_______(win) (9)___(many) gold medals in the (10)f_____.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:短文填空
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    来源: 江苏省南京市梅山第二中学2015-2016学年八年级上学期期中考试英语试题及答案.doc

    Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给):

    Now students English handwriting (书法)gets worse and worse. That makes their teachers feel w__1_. Is your English handwriting beautiful? If not, here are four steps that really work!

    Use paper with lines

    Using paper with lines can keep you writing straight instead of up or down when you write English words or sentences. Those lines on the paper can help you to write words in the r__2__ size. Be sure to fill the lined space completely. And make sure those capital letters (大写字母) are written properly.

    Slow down

    If your writing is hard to read, try slowing down a little. For some kids, going slower makes the handwriting clear. If you write too fast, its hard for you to stop where you should, and even w__3__, you may make more mistakes.

    Hold your pencil right

    When you hold your pencil in a correct way, writing is much easier. Some kids press down really hard when they write. That makes the handwriting not nice. Try to be relaxed and dont hold the pencil so hard. Let your writing appear nice and clean. If you do so, people will guess you are a student with a good h___4__.

    Draw more pictures

    Drawing can improve your handwriting. You need to use the skills to control(控制) your pencil b  5    when you are drawing pictures. Even though you have no chance to draw at school, you can practice by y__6_ at home.

    Handwriting is very important. Imagine you are a world-famous movie star or a well-known sports player, what do you do when your f_ 7_ run up to you? Give them your autographs(亲笔签名), of course.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:短文填空
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    来源: 吉林省长春外国语学校八年级第一次月考试题及答案.doc


    Dear Han Mei,

      I am an American scoolgirl. 1.______ name is Alice Green. I am 12. I have two 2._______ My brothers and I are all at school. We go to school from Monday3._______Friday. We don’t have any 4.________on Sundays and Saturdays.

      My father and mother are both 5.________. They work in the same school. They say that Chinese people are very friendly. I want to travel in China. I like reading but my brothers like playing basketball. Please write soon.


                                                            Alice Green

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:短文填空
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    来源: 2016—2017学年度上学期九年级质量监测(一)•英语及答案.doc


    I used to think English was very difficult because I couldn’t understand the English texts and remember the words. Although I worked hard, I didn’t do well in it. One day, my English teacher, Ms. Wang gave me an interesting English book to (1) _____. I enjoyed it so much (2) ______ I started to read other English books. Now, the biggest (3) _____ in my life is that I become much better in English. I am no (4) _____ afraid of the English language and I am doing better in my exams. My parents are even prouder (5) _____ me.

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    来源: 九年级英语下第一学月模拟试题及答案.doc


                Why do leaves change colors in autumn?

    We all enjoy the   1  of autumn leaves .Did you ever wonder how and   2  fallen leaves change color ?Where do the yellows and oranges   3   from ?

    During winter ,there is not    4  light or water for photosynthesis(光合作用).The trees will rest ,and live off the food they   5  during the summer .They begin to shut down their food-making factories .The chlorophylla green thing in plants ,which can absorb energy (吸收能量)from sunlight and help trees grow ,disappears(消失)from the leaves .As the bright  6   is gone ,we begin to see yellow and orange colors .Small amounts (量)of these colors have been in the leaves all along .We just can’t see them in the summer ,because they are   7   up by the green chlorophyll .

    It is the reason that makes the beautiful colors .So we enjoy   8  each year .

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:短文填空
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    来源: 九年级上学期第三次月考英语试题及答案.doc



       The world is divided (分为)into __1_main parts .The difference is that one part is rich and the __2_ is poor . In the poor part, a lot of people never get enough to eat . In the rich part , a lot of people __3__ too much . In one part , children starve (饿死)and in the other , a lot of people get _4___ and fatter and have to go on diets (节食), or do special exercises in order to lose weight.

        The poor countries have special __5___. Sometimes the land is too poor to grow anything on . The land can be improved (改善), but a lot of things must be done first . The people must be educated and water must be found. But the rich countries have problems, __6_. There are not always pleasant places to live in . Sometimes the air is too dirty to breathe, and the rivers are too    7   to swim in or to take water from. The roads are too crowded to drive along. Large numbers of people do not have decent (象样的)houses to live in. Some things will have to be done about these problems. 

    The air and the river will have to be cleaned, _8___more houses will have to be built.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:短文填空
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    来源: 浙江省宁海中学风华书院2015-2016学年七年级上学期期中考试英语试题及答案.doc


    My grandparents have seven children-------two sons and five __1__. My mother is __2__ of them. Uncle Mike is the first __3_ (children)of the family. He is 49 years old. Uncle Mike has two ___4___. They are Peter __5__ Jim. The other children of my grandparents __6__ have one child. My mother is the last child of my grandparents .  She is 36 years old. She has one child ,too. That’s  __7_. I have  __8__ brothers or sisters, so I often play with my cousins. My cousin Peter is an English teacher __9_ a middle school in Beijing .He __10__(want) me to go to Beijing next week.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:短文填空
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    来源: 江苏省泰州师专附属实验中学2016-2017年度八年级上学期英语英语第一次月考试卷及答案.doc


        I have many good friends at school. And I have a good friend at home, too.

    His name is Paul. He is a quiet friend and can’t tell any funny j   1   . But he can make me happy every day. And when he is happy, he s   2   his joy with me by sitting on my legs. And I can share my s   3   with him because he won’t let them out. Paul is always an h   4   friend. I believe his “words” because he never tells any l   5   . And he always t   6   me.

    Every day when I get home from school, Paul is r   7   to meet me at the gate.  Then he follows me into the house. Paul is also very h   8   . He throws rubbish (垃圾)for me every day and he often brings me my m   9   to read.

    Who is Paul?  Aha, he is my dog. I think all these good qualities m   10   him become a good friend.  Do you think so?

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    来源: 2016年下学期九年级英语期中检测试题及答案.doc



    Many Western countries celebrate Easter. This holiday is always 1______a Sunday between March twenty-second and April 2_______(twenty-five). It 3_________(celebrate) the begining of new life. Hens 4______(lay)eggs, giving birth to life, so 5________egg is a symbol of new life. A popular activity during Easter is to hide eggs around 6_______(you) home or garden for friends or relatives to find. These can be real 7_____(egg), but they are more often chocolate eggs. Not only do people spread them around in 8________(difference) hiding places for an egg hunt, but they also give out these treats as gifts. 9_______ just like Christmas, Easter creates good 10________(busy) for supermarkets and chocolate stores.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:短文填空
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    来源: 重庆市第一中学2016届九年级上学期12月月考英语试题及答案.doc



    Believe it or not : brain(大脑) health has a basic rule. That is to use it more. ____1_____ anything you do becomes a habit, you need to make a change. Think about the world around you, how it works and how you can understand it will keep your brain working fast and _____2_____. Use the ideas below to help improve your brain health.

       1. Play Games 

       Brain health programs and games are a wonderful ___3_____ to challenge your brain. Crosswords and electronic games can improve your brain's speed and memory. These games depend on logic, word skills, math and more. These games are also fun. You'll get more ____4_____doing these games a little bit every day. Just spend 15 minutes or so, not hours.

       2. Eat For Your Brain 

       Your brain needs you to eat some____5_____ food. Focus on fish oils from wild fish and nuts such as walnuts. Eat more of these foods. ___6_____ away from junk food.

       3.Turn Off  Your Television 

    The man watches more than 4 hours of television every day. Television can ___7_____ in the way of relationships, life and more. Turn off your TV and spend more time living and exercising your mind and body.

       4. Exercise Your Body

       To exercise your brain, physical exercise is great brain exercise, too. By moving your body, your brain has to learn new skills and practice balance. Choose a lot of exercise to challenge your brain.

       5. Learn a New Skill 

       Learning a new skill works many areas of the brain. You learn new movements and you manage things differently. Reading books written by Shakespeare, _____8______ to cook and building an airplane made of toothpicks all will challenge your brain and give you something to think about.

    题型:阅读填空  知识点:短文填空