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    Just sign here, sir,” the deliveryman said as he handed Oscar Reyna a package.

    The package consisted of a long, narrow box   ___1___wrapped in brown paper.   ___2___  the box, Oscar saw an umbrella inside — a very old one with a beautifully carved handle.     ___3___    he had not seen it for more than 20 years, he recognized it   ___4___.

    Oscar was 16 when he first saw the   ___5___  umbrella. He had gone to a concert with his grandparents. As they were leaving, he noticed an umbrella on an empty seat. Impressed by its    ___6___ Oscar felt a strong desire to find its  ___7___.

    Oscar  ___8___  the manager to look in the record of advance ticket sales. Just as he thoughta name matched the seat ___9___  Oscar had found the umbrella. The name was Mrs. Katie O'Brien.

    Oscar talked his grandparents into going by Mrs. O'Brien's   ___10___    on their way home. He rang the bell, the door opened, and an elderly woman appeared. May I ___11___  you?”she asked.

    I'd like to return it if it's yours,” Oscar said,    ___12___the umbrella as if presenting a ___13___  that had long been wished for.

    Why, yes!  it's mine,” replied Mrs. O'Brien with a     ___14___  smile and shining eyes. It was given to me by my father years ago. Thank you so much for returning it. May I offer you a reward for your   ___15___?”

    No, ma'am,”  he  said , “my grandmother  says  that  a good deed is its own reward.”

    Well, that's   ___16___  what my father used to say. What is your nameYoung man?”

    Years later, Oscar was staring at the finely carved handle of the umbrella as he remembered Mrs. O'Brien. It  was in perfect condition, considering how ___17___   it was. Why had it arrived here today?

    As if   ___18___  a note fell from the paper. It read: Mrs. O'Brien wanted you to  ___19___  this umbrella as a present for a kind,   ___20___  gesture long ago.

    1. A. strictly                                B. carefully

    C. roughly                                  D. casually

    2. A. Opening                               B. Seizing

    C. Observing                                D. Searching

    3. A. After                                B. When

    C. Since                                    D. Although

    4. A. clearly                                B. fully

    C. immediately                                D. suddenly

    5. A. average                               B. unusual

    C. plain                                    D. typical

    6. A. beauty                                B. shape

    C. origin                                   D. history

    7. A. designer                               B. seller

    C. user                                   D. owner

    8. A. convinced                            B. forced

    C. encouraged                               D. advised

    9. A. until                                  B. before

    C. which                                  D. where

    10. A. family                             B. theater

    C. house                                    D. neighborhood

    11. A. invite                               B. help

    C. bother                                   D. know

    12. A. putting up                              B. turning out

    C. picking up                                 D. holding out

    13. A. chance                              B. fact

    C. gift                                      D. result

    14. A. wide                                B. confident

    C. proud                                     D. shy

    15. A. patience                             B. kindness

    C. courage                                  D. determination

    16. A. obviously                             B. naturally

    C. exactly                                   D. probably

    17. A. old                                 B. rare

    C. precious                                  D. nice

    18. A. in contrast                            B. in return

    C. in exchange                                D. in answer

    19. A. possess                              B. accept

    C. carry                                    D. value

    20. A. attractive                             B. significant

    C. unselfish                                   D. sympathetic




    1. B 句意:包裹是一个很长很窄的用棕色纸很仔细地包着的盒子。根据句意,此处表示包装的方式“很仔细地”,所以选Bstrictly“严格地”; roughly“粗糙地”;casually“随意地”。

    2. A 句意:打开盒子,奥斯卡看到里面是一把雨伞。此处opening是现在分词作状语,因为和主语Oscar之间是主动关系,故用opening

    3. D 句意:尽管他有20多年没有看到过它了,但他还是立即认出了它。此处表示让步关系,故用Although

    4. C 相关句意见第3题解析。此处表示奥斯卡立刻认出了雨伞,故选immediatelyclearly“清楚地”;fully“完全地”;suddenly“突然地”,均不符合句意。

    5. B 句意:当第一次看到这把特殊的雨伞时,奥斯卡16岁。根据文章第二段的描述可知,这是一把特殊的雨伞,所以用unusualaverageplain均表示“一般的、普通的”,不符合文意。typical“典型的”,也不符合文意。

    6. A 句意:因为感觉它非常漂亮,奥斯卡特别想找到它的主人。此处表示奥斯卡对这把伞的漂亮印象很深刻,所以用beautyshape“形状”;origin“起源”;history“历史”。文章中并没有提及奥斯卡对雨伞的形状、来源及历史的关注,BCD三项均不符合句意。

    7. D 相关句意见6题解析。此处指雨伞的主人。designer“设计者”;seller“销售者”;user“使用者”,均不符合句意。

    8. A 句意:奥斯卡说服经理去查看票务预订记录。根据句意此处是说服之意,故选A项,convinced“说服”。force“强迫”;encourage“鼓励”;advise“建议”。

    9. D 句意:正如他所想的,有一个名字和奥斯卡发现雨伞的座位匹配。此空考查定语从句的关系词,因为先行词是seat,且关系词在定语从句中作地点状语,故用where

    10. C 句意:奥斯卡说服了他的祖父母在回家时路过奥布俐太太家。这里指的家是位置概念,所以用housefamily指“家庭或家人”;theater“剧院”;neighborhood“邻居,社区”,均不符合句意。

    11. B 句意:“需要什么帮助吗?”她问道。这是对敲门的陌生人的客套问话。

    12. D 句意:……奥斯卡说着,同时拿出那把雨伞,像呈上一份似乎是渴望多年的礼物一样。hold out“拿出,呈上”,符合句意。put up“搭建,张贴”;turn out“结果是,关掉”;pick up“拿起,搭载,学会”,均不符合句意。

    13. C 相关句意见12题解析。根据文意此处指礼物,所以用giftchance“机会”;fact“事实”;result“结果”,均不符合句意。

    14. A 句意:……奥布俐太太开心地笑着回答,她眼中闪着光。wide smile指“笑得很开心”。

    15. B 句意:我可以为你的善良给予回报吗?此处用kindness,符合句意,指奥斯卡主动送还雨伞这件事。patience“耐心”;courage“勇气”;determination“决心”,均不符合句意。

    16. C 句意:哦,那正是我父亲过去常常对我讲的。此处exactly表示“正好,恰好”。obviously“明显地”;naturally“自然地”;probably“也许”,均不符合句意。

    17. A 根据上文“Years later”可知,此处用old rare“稀有的”;precious“宝贵的”;nice“好的”,均不符合句意。

    18. D 句意:好像是为了回答他的疑问,一个便条从纸袋里掉了下来。根据文意,奥斯卡对这把雨伞心存疑问,就在这时纸条掉了下来,所以用in answer,与上文的问句相呼应。in contrast“与此相反”;in return“作为回报”;in exchange“作为交换”,均不符合句意。

    19. B 句意:上面写道:奥布俐太太希望你接受这把雨伞,作为多年前你善良无私行为的一份礼物。根据文意,这里是指请奥斯卡接受这份礼物,故用accept &cooco.Net.cng

    20. C 相关句意见上题解析。根据句意,此处指无私的行为,所以用unselfishattractive“有吸引力的”;significant“意义重大的,重要的”;sympathetic“同情的,有同情心的”,均不符合句意。